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 Hello, I'm Hazel!

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Hazel Brightsparkle

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Fairy Name: Hazel Brightsparkle
Fairy Talent: Light
Meadow: Snowcap Glade

Hello, I'm Hazel! Empty
PostSubject: Hello, I'm Hazel!   Hello, I'm Hazel! I_icon_minitimeSun May 12, 2013 12:26 pm

Hiya everyone! I'm Hazel Brightsparkle, a light talent. Most call me Hazy, and you can too!
I found this place while a different Forums was down. I saw a familiar face (Twilight) and thought it'd be fun to join. I do realize this forum isn't active much, but I thought I should at least post a welcome thread. Wink
Let me tell you about me. I love reading and writing. I'm a big time role player, and would love to have one of my fairy short stories published in the Pixie Postings. I enjoy brightening sad pixies' days (hence my last name, Brightsparkle), and putting a smile on faces. I like making graphics, and am improving every time I do so. If you'd like a graphic, just ask! Smile Anyways, I love cupcakes and candy. My fatal flaw is procrastination, or self doubt. My favorite color is purple, and I'm a huge fashionista! I enjoy earning talent points. I've been around the Hollow since July of 2010, and hope to fly around for many more years. My current main fairy is Hazel Brightsparkle and Iris. Can't wait to meet all of you! This looks like a really cool place to be. Smile
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Hello, I'm Hazel!
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